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With 40 years of collective experience, we have the knowledge and dedication to deliver the best in quality products and services in town.  We take great pride in being locally owned and are dedicated to provide the best experience possible.


Our journey in the pool and spa industry started with cleaning pools and grew to pool and spa remodels. Now, we are
excited to bring that experience to this store. Thank you for your support and allowing us to be a part of this community.
We look forward to serving you and your family. 


Andrew Rico



Matt Conlee



Erik Reyna

Store Manager


Swimming Pool & Spa Supplies
for Your Every Need


We only use the best! Not only do they come in a variety of options, but our chemicals are the best in strength and quality. Certified service professionals will help you with any questions you may have, to deliver satisfactory guaranteed. Come visit us in store if you have any questions. 

You’ll have access to our high quality equipment and tools. We also provide the option to have a professional come to your home and install any of your pool equipment needs. 

Choose from our amazing tile collection to suit your unique style! 

Our fun in the sun! Toys and Accessories for your new pool. We have a variety of cool and fun options to choose from, for all ages to enjoy.  Come in to The Pool Depot to get yours today!

At The Pool Depot, we have the plumbing and electrical supplies for installation of pumps, heaters and more.



Our full show room is in partnership with Ross Healy Pools and offers swimming pool and spa services as well a variety of tiles, equipment installation and repairs. If you choose to service your own pool or spa, we offer free water testing in-store. Just bring in a sample of your pool water and our trained staff will run and analysis and help you find the best products based on your results. 

Need to have your pool serviced year-round or chemicals delivered? Sign-up for our swimming pool and spa cleaning, maintenance, and delivery service. Our trained and qualified technicians will come to your home for weekly maintenance, cleaning, and will also assure all pool equipment is properly maintained.

If you have any issues or concerns we are more than happy to help come to a solution for any of your problems. Diagnosing a problem can be a hassle so let our technicians come to your home to give you the best recommendations and solutions. Need something repaired?


Come visit us at our Fort Worth location 3548 S Hills Ave Unit 11 Fort Worth, TX 76109 if you need more help or have anymore questions.

Cute Toddler in Pool


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Testing your water is essential to maintaining proper chemical balance

Free water testing available in store.

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